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Land Management

This service is focused on helping shareholders whose main business is the land as an asset, either if they are looking for a rent or if they want to protect and preserve.

Management of Leases

  • Search, analysis and set up of leases for agriculture and/or breeding
  • Contract Administration and Management, Control settlements, Collections and Contract Control.

Management audit in leased farms

  • We work on Reports for shareholders of leased farms. We analyze all situations, highlighting pros and cons vs. the rental market and vs. all other productive and sustainability references (chemical & physical fertility, erosion, rotation, resistant weeds)

Investments and maintenance of infrastructure in leased farms

  • We develop and execute investment projects or improvements to previous agreements that help increase the annual rental and the future valor of the land as an asset.
  • Land re-organization according to its productive capacity and potential growth, systematization of processes, optimization of unproductive areas, control of invasive species, revision and redesign of infrastructure such as  fences, constructions, etc.